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Some vidcaps from Swordfish and the award-winning Monster’s Ball

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Halle Berry took a radical step towards the advancement of her career when she decided to show her breasts for the first time in the movie “Swordfish”. She broke her no-nudity vow and acted out the scene shown here. Click the thumbnail to get the full video of Halle showing her tits to the lucky Hugh Jackman.

Another career-changing decision was the one she made when she played the lead character in the critically-acclaimed “Monster’s Ball”. This time she did more than just remove her top. She acted in a very passionate love scene with co-star Billy Bob Thornton. The lucky guy gets to have simulated sex with Halle in the movie. The actress performs splendidly in this scene. The scene was shot beautifully and Halle acts as if she’s having real sex with Billy Thornton. Well, she’s had a lot of practice with boyfriend and father of her only child, French model Gabriel Audry. As mentioned in Crazy 4 Halle Berry blog, the couple loves sex and always takes the time to do the deed when Halle was trying to get pregnant. Having sex all the time worked as Halle finally got pregnant and gave birth to her first child. The scene is among the controversies surrounding the movie so just click the vidcap to see the full version of this steaming hot sex scene.

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